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At Curt Garver Insurance Agency Ltd in Bellefontaine, OH you get the personal touch you deserve when insuring your home, auto, business or farm. We understand the importance of protecting your family, as well as your livelihood, and we make it our #1 priority to ensure you have the right coverage at the most affordable price. At the end of the day, we want to give you insurance coverage that will give you, your family, and your employees peace of mind.

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Services We Provide:

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance provides coverage for losses caused by injuries to others. This insurance is also concerned with losses stemming from any legal liability imposed as a result from injury or damaged property. For businesses, Worker’s Compensation Insurance falls under this umbrella, but typically this insurance helps cover auto, liability, and property for your business.

Business Insurance

Business insurance helps protect your investments in case of unexpected events. Some of these insurance options are required by law if you own a business, such as unemployment insurance. To cover all your assets, this type of insurance is invaluable. There are many options including general liability insurance, product liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and commercial property insurance, among many others.

Commercial Insurance

We help business owners cover their employees and their families with medical, vision, and dental group plans. We have plans that keep costs down for both your business and for your employees as well. Providing high-quality and affordable insurance as part of a benefits package can help attract the best applicants too!

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance provides liability, medical, and property coverage in case of an accident. Liability coverage helps pay for any legal responsibility to others due to bodily injury or property damage. Meanwhile, medical coverage pays for treating injuries and any rehab services needed. We help you find the right coverage for you and your budget, and never try to oversell.

Home Insurance

Protecting your home, property, and your belongings is important as a homeowner. Home insurance helps cover damage to your property as well as any legal responsibility for injuries that occur on your property. Many policies provide dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, loss of use coverage, and liability coverage, among others. Call us at 937-592-6333 today for more details!

Farm Insurance

Owning a farm has its own set of unique circumstances, and insuring it can be a challenge. However, at Curt Garver Insurance Agency Ltd we can help find you coverage from large grain operations, down to hobby farms. We have helped many protect their assets in the dairy farm and wineries industries, and we aim to find you insurance protection that fits your specific situation.

Nonstandard Auto Insurance

This type of auto insurance helps people who find it difficult to purchase traditional auto insurance due to their risk factor. These factors include, new or young drivers, those with multiple moving violations, and drivers with credit problems. We will work for you to get the best coverage at the best price possible.

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